if you want to learn about civic's (or Hondas/Acuras in general) these are the places to be.
E-Hatch.com - THE Civic Hatchback community
Honda-Tech.com - a wealth of information and other things
Civichatch.com - the Official Civic Hatchback Registry

now on with the How-to's

General Stuff

Decoding a Honda / Acura VIN Number

Honda / Acura OEM Injectors


Indiglo Gauges controlled by normal dimming - get rid of the stupid panel.

Checking the ECU Codes on an EG - CEL on? see why

Have O2 sensor problems? Fake it - have an OBD2 ECU and want to run catless?

Cleaning an EG Headlight Switch - Bad connection in your EGs headlight switch, fix it.

Cleaning an EG Wiper Switch - Bad connection in your EGs wiperlight switch, fix it.

doing a swap into an EG? Need electrical help?

Edited ETM pages for the wiring of power windows for 2-door and 3-door civics

Corrected power window switch diagram for the wiring of 4-door civic

Chassis and Suspension

ITR Sway Bar install on a Teg - stiffen up the body roll on any honda/acura

Do a Rear Disk Swap - written for an EK but works for EG as well

Chassis Tuning Calculators - not civic but cool


DOHC Teg into an EG - The best mechanical swap how-to I've ever seen.

Z6 Mini-Me Swap - on a EF CRX Si Block

Turbo on a Budget - psssshh for low $$$$

GSR AEM into a B18C1/EG - can't get it to fit? this shows you how.

Other How To Pages

HADA How-to page - lots of links and how-to's
C-Speed's How-to page - awesome site and lots of how-to's