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To do the swap mechanically use the following directions. For a nice printable version of a great GSR-EG guide from - right click, save as... or you can go to their site directly here.
I do not take any credit for this, all credit and praises go to for this part if the info.

To do the swap electrically read below:
(this part I do take the blame for) :D
I will cover what you have to add/move in the USDM engine harness that came on the engine/trans to make it plug into the VX vehicle harness at the shock towers.

**If you have to use the VX engine harness on your swap let me know what you have to work with, I will try to put something together for you.

here is the main part of this info...
00-01 ITR (B18C5) into a VX
92-95 SI/EX (D16Z6) into a VX
VX (D15Z1) into a 92-95 DX
I will be updating this occasionally with more diagrams, so either pray I hit what you're looking for or email me your request.

The following is an explination of how to use the chart from above.

The VX/civic connectors I reference are in the following locations
Civic Left Side
Civic Right Side

the Teg harness connectors I reference are in the following locations
Integra Left Side
Integra Right Side

here are the wire locations in the plugs that have to be changed.

I hope this helps, if you find anything to be in error please contact me at
last update: 11/22/04