So you have a funky working slight switch, that probably only turns on the parklights when it feels like it... well here's how to fix it.

you will need:
small flat blade screwdriver
#2 phillips screwdriver

start out by removing the light switch out of the column like this.
I didn't touch the SRS(airbag) stuff, and had no problems at all.

Now that you have it out, you should be looking at something like this.

remove the two screws.

pop off the plastic connector housing

then remove the connctions layer of the switch.
It's a little difficult, so be patient and careful not to brake anything.

(never mind the bent pin... doh)

it should come apart like this.

(again, never mind the bent pin... I think it got worse...)

slide the connections layer out of the switch housing.

it will look like this

the hard part is now done

the dirty spots are not that bad on this one, but you can get the idea.

take a rag or paper towel and wipe off the crap from the brass contacts and the contacts on the other side of the switch
so it looks more like this. don't forget the contacts on the right
(you may have to scrape some of it off with a screwdriver)

there should be a yellowish grease stuck in some of the groves and around the other part of the switch
scoop a little of it up with the screwdriver and rub it on the brass part you just cleaned to lubricate the switch.

pay really close attention to the little contact at the bottom of this pic
it free floats in there right now and without it lined up you will have no blinkers.
make sure it's in the center of the area it sits before continuing.
(this area is also where I pulled most of the grease I needed for the contacts earlier)

now put everything back together, a gentle snap is good thing, a violent snap is not

at this point make sure the stalk moves normally for blinkers and headlights, any resistance more than normal means something is not in the right place, do not force it.
take the switch back apart and make sure everything is where it should be.
if everything is ok snap back on the connector housing.

put back in the screws so it looks like this again.

now put it back in the car, and enjoy your perfectly working light switch.

last update 09/18/2004