You have a funky working wiper switch and it's pissing you off... well here's how to fix it.

you will need:
small flat blade screwdriver
#2 phillips screwdriver
small wire bush

start out by removing the wiper switch out of the column like this.
I didn't touch the SRS(airbag) stuff, and had no problems at all.

Now that you have it out, you should be looking at something like this.

first thing you have to do is remove the little white connector housing POS.
it's held in place by two tabs on either side.

carefully slip your small flat blade screwdrive in between the case and the connector housing like this.
it should pop open like shown in the picture.

slip your screwdrive inbetween the case and connector on the other side like this

there is only one snap holding it together at this point. you know what to do. But be careful it will shoot the connector housing at you. So catch it.

You should have something like this... if everything didn't get away from you.

See all the black on the copper parts? have fun with your little wire brush, but be gentle, you don't want to mess anything up.
after it should look something like this

take your screwdriver and collect some of the lubricant in the other areas of the switch and rub it on the switch contacts.
then snap the switch back together.

a little snap and it's back together. Snap back in the white POS thing and you're done.

now put it back in the car, and enjoy your perfectly working wiper switch.

last update 01/22/2005